SSLC / X Standard


                The performance of a student in the SSLC examination is one of the factors in admission to Pre University Courses in India. Therefore, the SSLC is often regarded as the first important examination that a student undertakes. T.T.T Academy is concerned with the academic aspects of student’s education including formulation of study methodology, preparation for exams, student’s knowledge in a subject, and the student’s training.

                Our education system is such that the student is rarely aware of the syllabus. They tend to follow the directions which their teachers give them throughout the 10 years of their school lives. However, the situation is bit different in class 10th and the student needs to be aware of the exact syllabus which they need to follow. This is why we in our academy try to make sure, every student is aware of the respective syllabus and knows in and out of the syllabus thoroughly.

                To prepare effectively for the examination, you need to identify a quiet corner of the home, so as to study in peace and prepare comprehensively for the examination. This may not be possible in every student’s life and thus to ensure a peace of mind for the students we provide a peaceful atmosphere in our academy and the student is consistently monitored throughout the day.